About Us

Storage Direct is a family owned and operated company based in Christchurch.  Our staff are friendly and experienced.  Our aim is to to help you arrange the best storage options to suit your needs and requirements.

Meet Paul and Sue:

About Paul and Sue of Storage Direct Christchurch

We are the proud owners of Storage Direct.  Our mantra is “do what it takes” and we love seeing people happy and supported in what’s generally a stressful time for all.  Paul was a good West Coast boy, born and bred in Blackball, worked in mining for many years….

Now met Sue...  Sue was brought up farming in West Otago, has worked in marketing and promoting fresh fruit would you believe for many years. 

Our dream was to have lunch together, like Sue’s Mum and Dad used to do every day.  So we bought Storage Direct to enable us to do just this. We love what we do and love working together. We have a perfect mix of skills that just works!!


He’s the next generation, nearly 5 and loves hanging out with Dad.  AND knows heaps about storage for a 4 year old!!

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