12 Pack Portable Storage Container

Our storage container size is the 12 Pack, which is the size of a small garage.

The 12 Pack is 12 cubic metres (1.8m wide x 2.4m high x 3m deep) which is large enough to hold a 2 bedroom unit.

Please see our table below to work out how many 12 Pack containers you will need. 

Space Estimation

Size of House to be Packed Number of 12 Packs Needed
1 Bedroom House or Flat Share One
2 Bedroom House One or Two
3 Bedroom House Two or Three
4+ Bedroom House Three or more

There are some items that we just can’t store for you. Please read our Prohibited items list (pdf) for more details, or give us a call on 0800 332 209.

Storage space needed depends on:

Whether furniture can be broken down and flat stacked.  You are advised to break furniture down as much as possible and to fill every available space. 

Don’t forget to include your outdoor furniture when estimating your space requirements

Don’t forget to read through the items that you are not permitted to store and if in doubt: give us a call on 0800 332 209 to check.